In-Store Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Macarons

Price:  $26.00

This Valentine's Day lets {MAC} out!! We have on made-from-scratch Macarons for Valentine's Day. 

   • Vanilla

   • Strawberry Champagne

   • Dark Chocolate Raspberry

   • Love Batter

More flavors available on rotation. 


$2.75 each

$13.00 for 5 <-- in adorable pink gift box

$26.00 for 10 <-- in adorable pink gift box

$30 for 12 

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"So we waited patiently all day for our cupcakes to thaw and WOW... they are incredible!!! I had a chocolate one, and the richness of the flavor was excellent. And the mountain of vanilla frosting was equally fantastic. The little Kronos flags are such a nice touch, too."

~ Colin M. (Kronos INC)

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