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Thanksgiving Cupcake Assortment

Price:  $49.95

Let SAS Cupcakes be the SWEETEST Addition to your Thanksgiving Tradition!!


Our Thanksgiving Assortment is filled with a variety of ALL of our Thankful Fall Flavors like:

 • Spiked Apple Pie

 • Pumpkin Spice

 • Caramel Macchiato

 • Cookie Butter

 • Frangelico Hazelnut

 • Sweet Potato

 • Red Velvet

 • Triple Chocolate

 • Classic Vanillas and Chocolates

We will have our "Thanksgiving Feast" assortment will all our Thankful Fall Flavors on Tuesday 11/20 & Wednesday 11/21. We are CLOSED Thankgiving. 

If you are PICKING UP on a day prior to the week before Thanksgiving we have certain flavors each day. Check our daily flavors to see which flavors we offer each day. 

SHIPPING Customers Do Note=You are picking a SHIP DATE! Your Cupcakes will arrive 2-days later. Pick a Ship Date of 11/19/18 to arrive the day before Thanksgiving (must order no later than Sunday the 18th)






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"I've had SAS cupcakes many times before through other people, but I specially went to this location to pick up a 1/2 dozen I won in an Instagram contest. (Thanks again by the way!) When I walked in, there was one woman working behind the counter. She was on the phone with a customer who was clearly asking a lot of questions and placing a very large order. There were two groups of family ahead of me in line waiting to be served. You could tell the people in line were getting antsy and impatient, but this woman kept her cool *completely*. She continued to speak to the customer on the phone is a nice and friendly tone of voice and never rushed her through her questions or order. When she completed the phone call, she politely apologized to everyone in line and continued to calmly take orders. Sometimes you just have to wait your turn, and it's nice to see that each customer here is getting equal and quality service regardless of how busy it is! I will definitely use SAS for any future cupcake needs!"

~ S. McCauley

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